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Jordin shared that she is going to her LA home and is excited to meet her mother and other family members via her Twitter on 13 June 2017.

She also shared another story on her Instagram captioning sadly ‘How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part of life is food”.

Derulo expressed his feeling that he "played nice" following his split from Sparks, but he is no longer willing to be nice anymore. The more you do it, the better you get at it." And while Derulo is off enjoying the dating scene, Sparks has already moved on and locked in a relationship with rapper Sage the Gemini. " Things are apparently so good between Sparks and Sage that she even has a nickname for the rapper that was inspired by the movie "Big Hero 6." On Monday, May 11, Sparks posted an Instagram photo of herself kissing Sage and hash tagged the nickname #baemaxx which apparently means he's her beau to the max.

"I do get tired of playing nice," Derulo said, "especially when people think I did something wrong, or that she broke up with me. Sparks recently confirmed her relationship with Sage to People and described her new beau as a "really good guy." "I think they're pretty obvious," Jordin said in reference to the Instagram photos she had posted of Sage prior to confirming their relationship . He's a really good guy, and the pictures speak for themselves. When asked to explain the premise behind the nickname, Sparks told People, "Well, you know, Big Hero 6, the big guy was [named] Baymax. and I was like, 'I love the name Baymax,' [Sage] was like, 'I'm your bae to the max,' and I was like, 'That's your nickname!

But it's so behind me." Now that Derulo no longer has to play nice to Sparks, he admits that he is back on the dating market and compared his new dating life to a "deck of cards." Derulo admitted to enjoying dating life however he is no rush to date again.

Jordin Sparks’ past relationship with rapper Sage the Gemini resurfaced in the spotlight after the “Red Nose” artist pleaded for her to forgive him.Ladies all over stepped up their game when they heard the yummy Jason Deulo was single again (post Jordan Sparks he dated model/50 Cents ex Daphne Joy for 7 months) but it looks like it his single status was short lived! When asked when spotted out together if this was his new girl he said he “Pled the 5th” – which means yes in my book (otherwise he’d have said “No” right? Of course we all want Jason to be happy – but in the land of celebrities we know that the back-up dancer/star relationships typically aren’t happily ever afters…so don’t give up your Derulo fantasies yet!TMZ is reporting that Jason is dating his back-up dancer Ragon Miller! You probably don't remember half the [email protected]*t that I did for ya, yea." But Jordin swears it was not at all a plot to get revenge on her ex. "My fans wanted to hear something, but at the same time it wasn't really planned and I just went into the studio and whatever came out, came out."? What do you think about celebs singing about their exes? "Every day was different and every day something new came out [during writing and recording sessions], and that day I was having one of those days where I was like, 'I'm just going to do it and I want my fans to hear this side of me.

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In a video obtained by Derulo explains what happened in the moments leading up to the incident which he calls 'a racial issue'.

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