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But who knows, maybe at some point in the future, baseball caps and sunglasses will all come with f MRI systems inside them.

Obviously, we're looking at just some preliminary proof of concept research here, but there's a lot of potential that this technology could eventually realize.

Just a month after the Galaxy S6 dethroned the Apple i Phone 6 Plus for best smartphone camera, a new challenger has appeared, boasting some impressive credentials.The G4 also has a well-designed pro mode for users who want more-powerful controls and three-axis optical stabilization for crisp, shake-free images. In the end, the Samsung Galaxy S6 retains its title for best smartphone camera, scoring multiple wins in both bright-light and low-light situations.MORE: The Best Smartphone Cameras To see how the phones' cameras compare, I took multiple shots using the G4, Galaxy S6 and i Phone 6 Plus to gauge bright light, low light and flash performance. Despite the S6's success in low-light portraits, its shot down 42nd Street was the worst, with an orange cast that bathes the street in a Creamsicle glow. It scored 23 points to 18 points for the G4 and just 13 points for the i Phone 6 Plus.Functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI) is a remarkable technology: it can be used to do everything from recording your dreams on video to teaching you new skills while you sleep.It's also good for controlling robots, and Israeli researchers have managed to get a robot to move around a room just by thinking about it.

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