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Patent dating guide

In certain cases you are exempted from having to submit a priority document: currently the EPO includes a copy of the earlier application whose priority you claim in the file of the European patent application free of charge if the earlier application is either a European patent application, an international patent application filed with the EPO as receiving Office, a Japanese, Chinese or Korean patent or utility model application or a United States provisional or non-provisional patent application.

If you are filing a European patent application claiming priority from an earlier application, you have to file a copy of any search results in respect of the earlier application.

If you know the PATENTEE or ASSIGNEE: Search either Google Patent or Espacenet by keyword (seethe Free Patent Websites tab on this guide for more details).

If you or your predecessor in title have duly filed an application for a patent, a utility model or a utility certificate in or for any state party to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property or any member of the World Trade Organization you may claim priority when filing a European patent application in respect of the same invention.

The Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system provides IP customers a safe, simple, and secure way to retrieve and download information regarding patent application status.

Visit PAIR The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Public Search Facility located in Alexandria, VA provides the public access to patent and trademark information in a variety of formats including on-line, microfilm, and print.

Use this search engine when you want to search the most current applications, or if you want to see a list of patent numbers that are withdrawn, or missing from the database.

Many researchers mistakenly think that all searching can be done electronically – and this is essentially true for U. Older patents do not have as many online search options because the patent pages were put into the USPTO database as scanned images.

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